Why I Love Delta 8 Gummies

Why I Love Delta 8 Gummies

I found Delta 8 gummies about a year ago. I have been taking them almost every night since. Ever since childhood I had trouble falling asleep ( I am pretty sure my dad conditioned me to take nyqill or melatonin to fall asleep every night) so I became dependent on it. As, I grew into an adult I just thought it was normal to take something to fall asleep. After I had my babies, my doctor put me on Lunesta. It was heaven at first, I slept through the night, but was so out of it, if the house was on fire.. I would be in trouble because I would stay asleep. As, I got more into health and fitness I started to understand that it is not healthy for your brain or your body to be dependent on a drug. So I stopped cold turkey. I do NOT suggest that to anyone. I didn't sleep through the night for a whole week, and everything was affected by it. 

So, enter in delta 8. A gummy that my massage therapist gave me to take when I saw her, because I had trouble chilling out and relaxing on her table. When I took the first one, it was about an hour until my whole body relaxed, but more importantly my brain just calmed down. I was fully inside my body, Which is very hard for me to do and most people, we live outside of our bodies affected and reactive by every single thing that comes to us. 

So, from that day on.. I have taken delta 8 every night and it calms me down at night where my body and mind can relax and I am able to get the best sleep of my life. I also now wear and oura ring, so I know how. many hours I get in deep and REM sleep ( we want a lot of that, because the is how our bodies recover, also helps with the human growth hormone that we lose as we age, and that hormone makes us age in reverse! sign. me up,,,


There are also a ton of benefits form CBD, that you can research . I truly take the delta 8 to get the best sleep ever and to let my body fully recover.

You can purchase them on my website or come in to KARMA fitness studio and I have them there to purchase also. 

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